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Stokes phenomenon, Resurgence and Physics

Conference at IRMA, Strasbourg, October 12-14th 2016

Organizers : Frédéric Fauvet (IRMA, Strasbourg), Dominique Manchon (CNRS-Univ. Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand).

Invited speakers :

Ines Aniceto (Krakow)

Ovidiu Costin (Ohio State U.)

Jean Ecalle (Orsay)

Jean-Pierre Ramis (Toulouse)

Norisuke Sakai (Tokyo)

David Sauzin (Paris/Pisa)

Ricardo Schiappa (Lisbon)

Ricardo Vaz (DESY, Hamburg)

Marcel Vonk (Amsterdam)

The conference will start on Wednesday Oct. 12th at 14.30 and will end up on Friday 14th at 17.00.

The web page of the conference is here.