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Offres PostDocs et Postes

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Offres PostDocs et Postes

SISSA MATHEMATICAL FELLOWSHIPS : this is a new post-doctoral program aimed to attract independent and promising researchers. There will be a yearly call for two positions. Successful candidates will receive also a small grant to independently pursue their own research.

More information on the above program and on SISSA can be found at the web page


L’université d’Avignon aura un poste d’ATER plein pour l’année 2018-2019. Les candidats intéressés peuvent contacter le directeur de département Frédéric Naud pour plus d’informations.


Précision sur le poste de MCF ouvert au concours à Sorbonne Universités (ex-UPMC). Il s’agit du poste MCF-0755890V-15 (25-26), profil : Mathématiques fondamentales et interactions. Est recherchée une personne dans les domaines suivants : analyse fonctionnelle, combinatoire, systèmes dynamiques, théorie ergodique, probabilités théoriques, qui sont à la frontière entre l’IMJ et le LPMA.


Opening for a one-year postdoctoral position at The University of Texas at Dallas beginning in Fall 2018.

A Ph.D. in Mathematics is required, with preference for applicants who have research experience in Algebra, Symbolic Computation, or related fields. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about differential algebra and/or difference algebra. Previous experience with computer algebra software would be helpful.

The duties for this position include : conduct research in topics relevant to the algebraic theory of differential and/or difference equations, prepare and submit research results for publication, and disseminate research results in seminars, colloquia, and conferences. There are no teaching duties.

Application instructions and additional details are available at